Saturday, September 1, 2012

238 Days Since....

238 days since….
·         Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos…
·         The New Orleans Saints were still taking bounties…
·         Peyton Manning was an injured Indianapolis Colt quarterback without certainty in his future….
·         Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos jersey was #1 in sales in the world….
·         John Elway was starting preparation for the next season…
·         I was starting my clock to the next Denver Broncos regular season game…

That’s right, it will be 238 days from when Tom Brady and his dueling tight ends drove the Broncos out to the plays to when the Broncos take the field Sunday September 9th against the Pittsburgh Steelers in prime time on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  Think about it…the last team we played knocked us out of the playoffs after beating the Steelers to move on in the playoffs.  Let’s hope the Broncos can keep it close and beat the Steelers again a week from Sunday.

A quarterback change, a coordinator replacement, parting of a general manager, trading out of first round on Thursday and drafting a no name defensive tackle in the second round on Friday, and two “hold-your-breath” hits to the big money quarterback has changed the entire face of the organization and team of the Denver Broncos.  Looking back at all the changes and the ups and downs in the free agent whirlwind…I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This off season gave Super Bowl hope and depth in the head office as well as in the depth chart to challenge for a championship this year.  That’s right sport’s fans, Denver Broncos have a legitimate chance to make it to the big dance this year. 

With a little luck, the Denver Broncos could be the next New York Giants.  Barely win the division and get hot at the right moment to win it all.  The Broncos will still have to go through Foxboro Mass for the AFC Championship a rematch of week 5’s Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots in a battle of the quarterbacks….

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves in this post…that, I will reserve for later.  Now it’s just time to be excited for a new Denver Broncos season and a chance to win the division.  For that fact alone, Labor Day weekend is not a labor holiday; it’s a football holiday to get prepared for college and professional football!  Like myself and other loyal Denver Broncos fans, we’re behind our team every game, one game at a time.  It’s the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back (though it helps if is reads “Manning”).

Go Broncos!


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