Sunday, September 9, 2012

5th Quarter Points - Broncos vs. Steelers

Every game, here at 5th Quarter we'll list the Denver Broncos key points to winning the game.  Denver will need to succeed with these points to pull out a win.

This week, the Denver Broncos face the Pittsburgh Steelers in prime time Sunday Night Football action.  Here are the points that Denver needs to succeed at to beat the Steelers in Sunday night's duel.

Protect Peyton Manning - Its up to that young Denver offensive line to keep Peyton upright against that stout Steelers defense.  If the Steelers get to Peyton and sack him three (3) times or more, the Broncos pass game will be not as efficient and this will limit what the Broncos can do offensively. The Broncos can't allow Pittsburgh to dictate the game through it's defense.

Sack Ben Roethlisburger - The Broncos beat the Steelers last year in part because of Robert Ayers getting to Big Ben for two sacks. Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil and company need to get to Big Ben and keep him from having the time to throw it down field to his ridiculously fast receivers in Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. The Steelers were at the top of the league in big passing plays last year because teams couldn't get to Big Ben in time before he aired it out. If Ben has time to take a seven step drop, lookout for the receivers to be open against a weak safety group in the Broncos. 

Run the Ball and Stop the Run - Denver needs to grind the ground game to keep the Steelers defense conservative against Peyton. If the Broncos can accumulate 125 yards on the ground by the end of the game, this is a win for Denver.  Now, if the Broncos can't run the ball or stop the Steelers from running the ball on Denver's defense, it's going to be a quick and ugly loss.  The Steelers will control the clock and keep Peyton off the field and grind out a conservative win.

If the Broncos can execute on all three points flawlessly, it will be at least a 7 point margin of victory.  If they execute but leave it close, which is what I think will happen, the Broncos win it, 27-24.

Can't wait to watch the outcome!

Go Broncos!


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