Sunday, September 23, 2012

5th Quarter Points - Quick Hit

So...let's get right into it. The Broncos play the Texans today. Here's the points that the Broncos need to excel at to win.

Get Sacks - The Broncos are playing at home and need that Mile High Roar to help them win today. Sack the quarterback of the Texans and this will happen. Not to mention the more important piece of knowledge; the defense needs to get off the field on 3rd downs and a sack will only help.

Stop the run - Arian Foster is dangerous along with Ben Tate backing him up. The Texans will try to keep the game away from Peyton, so stopping one of the premier rushing attacks is a top priority.

No turnovers - if you have noticed the last two games, the Broncos defense and offense has kept them in the game. Imagine if Peyton had four more chances to score with getting the ball from midfield last Monday....Denver needs to stop giving the ball away.

Joe Mays - Who is this? Well, he's our middle linebacker. He's a run stuffing machine and had the highest efficiency of stopping a running back last year, but he didn't play on obvious passing downs. He's playing on passing downs this year and is asked to stop the run and drop into coverage in Nickel packages. Who's been covering the tight end on the 3rd and very longs? Joe Mays. So...he has some learning to do in coverage, but I believe he will get better and better as time progresses. Look for him on 3rd downs covering Owen Daniels. Hopefully Joe will make an impact today to stop those long conversions.

My prediction today: Broncos win, 24-17. Denver controls the second half.

Go Broncos!


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