Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back for the Offseason!

Hi Broncos Fans!

I am back to the blog!  Man what a season; who would have imagined that the Broncos might have been able to pull out a Superbowl victory this last year!?  I did....And I think I may have just gotten over the bitter defeat to the eventual Superbowl champions.

I'm sorry I didn't write at all over the last few months and especially over the season.  Life and football was crazy and well...I just didn't make the time to keep NFL 5th Quarter up to date.  So, with a new location, different role, and some free time this offseason, I'm going to try and jump back on the Bronco and hammer out some quality posts.

I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog over the offseason because it forces me to learn and try to understand and predict the NFL and for that matter the Denver Broncos' offseason moves.  It's quite fascinating to me how the business of football can sometimes drive the business of coaching football and playing football.  And for that matter, the complete opposite.  Look at what the Raven's did with Joe "Cool" Flacco.  They paid the man a salary, that in my opinion is too much, and then they loose Ed Reed to the Texans because they didn't feel he was worth the cash. I agree that Joe needed to be paid, and should have been paid in the top 7 and maybe even top 5 salary but what he received was huge; considering he's not the typical "put the team on my back" quarterback like Rodgers, Brady, or Manning.

I also like to write this blog over the offseason because there just isn't any football news from the end of April until the end of July.  Yeah there's rookie camps, and mini camps and all that stuff, but there isn't really the competition or the excitement as their is during the season or the early part of the offseason.  So, during those months I will probably have the most blog posts as I am just staving for NFL news that I like to create my own football information.'s actually fun to just have a blog.

Anyway, enough about me...Let's talk Broncos.  What do the Broncos, i.e. John Elway and company need to do during the offseason to improve the talent on the roster.  Well, we've seen some moves through Free Agency and if I can pick one word that describes the Broncos moves, that word would be "Scratch" as in a scratch golfer.  A scratch golfer won't win major tournaments or championships but if you have that scratch golfer on your best ball team for the company tournament, you can almost guarantee victory.  So in essence, the Broncos didn't win the golf tournament with the lowest round player, but they did win the for-fun best ball tournament.  That means, we've already seen some progress overall towards upgrading the team in the early stages of the offseason.

More to come on the new Free Agent acquisitions.

Go Broncos!



  1. good to have you back. As always your analysis will be appreciated in the sense of provide the right info for both the newbies and experienced fans.

  2. Thanks! Good to be back. You'll love the next post. Working up a free agency "explain it to the common man" post. Should be fun to write!